Friday, 1 June 2012

Get the Look!

So Jenna & I decided that we were going to try and bring you some of the items from Joy's Wardrobe Wednesday's for those of you that fall smitten with her outfits (like we DO!)

Soooooo what better time to start then today? This post is inspired by Joy's latest WW which can be found here;

Pants: Polka Dot Silk Trousers from Forever21 

U.S. Store: CLICK ME $22.80 USD
Canadian Store: CLICK ME $27.80 CDN
**(Note: Joys appear to be pants, however trousers are all that are available at the time)**

Sweater: Essential Linen-Blend in Taupe from Forever21

U.S. Store: CLICK ME $13.80 USD
Canadian Store: CLICK ME $16.80 CDN

Hat: Woven Fedora from Forever21

U.S. Store: CLICK ME $12.50 USD

Purse: Radley London Across Body Bag

U.S. Link: CLICK ME $126.40 - $158.40 (depending on size)
**(Note: This is only a similar style to the one Joy is using)

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